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We are ready to install your project! First and foremost, the installation process varies depending on the product and type of installation which is why we inspect the site thoroughly during the estimate phase. We ALWAYS follow manufacturer's instructions. For example: usually the manufacturer recommends the product acclimate in the area to be installed for at least 3 days before installation. We must follow these instructions to ensure your product remains perfect for installation. This is where our experience shows. 
During the initial estimate we will discuss material and labor right down to the last penny. For example, for a floating laminate floor there are severable options to consider. Lets say, for instance, you decide on a product that costs $2.29/sq ft and an underlayment of .50/sq ft and installation cost of $2.00 /sq ft, your cost would be $4.79 before tax. We charge extra for removing carpet, tile, baseboard, moving furniture and minor floor leveling. But there will be NO HIDDEN charges. This is where our experience shows.
Upon installation, most if not all large and messy work is done outside of your house. We take extra care to prepare and protect existing surfaces and other home features. Preparation usually consists of large plastic sheeting to mask certain protected areas, shelving, and cabinets. In addition, our machines are accompanied by a vacuum system to ensure a clean and less dust project. This is where our experience shows. 
Due to our dedication to protect both the customer and ourselves, you will ALWAYS see a LICENSED CONTRACTOR on your project. All contractors are equipped with the knowledge to fulfill their specific duty and ensure our craftsmanship.  All have been thoroughly screened for professionalism and a high standard of ethics. This also means licensed, bonded and insured.


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