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We offer quick and affordable tile removal that is 99% dust free and removes tile thin set, floor adhesives and epoxy coatings. our concrete profiling meets the (astm) standards for proper bonding of mastics, coatings, and adhesives. in addition, our services include concrete grinding to remove "humps" and uneven concrete surface areas. 

Probably the most overlooked aspect of floor installation on concrete is the lack of surface preparation. The key to a successful installation starts at the foundation and should not be overlooked. We have seen that most flooring failures are due to poor bonding. Adhesives whether for tile or wood flooring will NOT bond properly to concrete that is glazed, painted, or contains adhesive residue and sheetrock dust. Here at Majestic Flooring LLC we follow manufactures guidelines for proper concrete
surface profiling. We use a walk behind planetary concrete grinder attached to a
vacuum system and fit with diamond tooling to cut concrete surface for removal
of paints, mastic, glue, thin-set mortar, and top coatings. Our finished surfaces
meet International concrete repair institute institute guidelines; CSP-2 that is the
minimum required by adhesive manufactures for WARRANTY. Anything less has
potential for failure. When hiring a flooring contractor, at the very least make
sure they have a hand held grinder with a diamond concrete cutting wheel and
hopefully a vacuum system for dust containment. 

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